Have You Seen Our New Venue???

Good day, Boland Dragons parents,

And just like that, the first month of January is long gone.

For those who might have missed it, we found a new venue for the Wellington Dojo, it’s a beautiful venue just outside of Wellington with a stunning view of the mountains.

In Paarl, classes are going well and the number of students growing every training session. Last week we had a trial week to see at which dojo everyone is and the total of students at each dojo.

Follow the number of students who attended last week, we changed the class schedule…

Class Schedule:


Monday & Wednesday

Juniors – 17h30 to 18h15

Seniors – 18h15 to 19h00


Tuesday & Thursday

Juniors – 17h15 to 18h00

Seniors – 18h00 to 18h45 (only from 8 Feb, this week everyone still in the same class)

We’re still figuring the class schedules out as schools have not opened yet, so it might change in the future, please keep your eye on our newsletter and WhatsApp groups for when anything changes.

Regarding our Youtube channel, we would like to continue as we received plenty of good feedback, new videos and tutorials will be coming soon. Please support the channel by subscribing to the channel. 

If there’s any uncertainty please feel free to contact me. Just a reminder to please send me the entry forms for all students.