Covid-19, an important message to all parents and students.

Good day Boland Dragons parents,

We might be in the most difficult and unforeseen situation we will ever be in.
I hope most of our students and parents are well and still staying positive at this point, it’s all we can do.

Most businesses and enterprises are starting to experience major financial strain and everyone, especially the consumers are starting to feel the strain as we will be going into April and May.

As dojo owner of Boland Dragons Karate, I would like to make the following months a bit easier for all parents and students and relieve some of the financial pressure we are all experiencing.

I took the initiative to implement a Payment Holiday period for students and parents. This application will ensure that for a period of up to two months, fees will be suspended. I hope this will bring some financial relief to our parents and students.

I know that the students and parents are the heart of Boland Dragons Karate and would like to provide some assistance during this difficult time by taking this burden off your shoulders.

The health and well-being of all the students and parents is my primary concern.

The Payment Holiday will work as follows:

1.                   You will not have to pay any fees for up to two months.

2.                   The students can still train and will have access to all resources as usual

3.                   The subscription fees will become payable before or at the final payment for the year which is the end of November 2020.

4.                   Please complete the application form and send to Sensei JP at as soon as possible

(Please find the attached application form)

Kind regards

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