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Good day Boland Dragons parents,

As we go into lockdown level 4 tomorrow, 1 May, the big question lies with if the schools will open and when it will open.

From Boland Dragons Karate we wait anxiously to hear when we will be able to open our doors for normal classes again. As I fear and foresee, karate classes will only open at level 1 or maybe (hopefully) at level 2. All the resources I have read up and listened to indicate this. 

With that said, I would like some feedback from the parents on the following measure Boland Dragons Karate Club would like to implement to ensure a “quick as possible” start for when we get the green light to open our doors again

1. Outdoor training – we would like to propose outdoor training when possible (working with the weather) to ensure 1.5m distance between all students.

2. Face mask for all students will be mandatory (we’re looking into purchasing branded Face masks for when classes open, please complete the survey below so that we can see if we should start with this)

3. Hand sanitizers will be at all classes

4. No touching – yes, that means fighting (kumite) will be limited as we would like to control the distance between all students

With this said, this is only possible when we get the green light from the schools and gym where our dojo’s are. If parents feel that they do not want to send the students to the classes in fear of possible contamination I completely understand.

I received plenty of good feedback about the Youtube channel and this will be one of my priorities to ensure there’s constantly new content uploaded for students who can not join the classes.

Kind Regards

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