Mid-Year Gradings

Excellent gradings in Karate this week!

The discipline, focus and knowledge displayed but each and everyone was exemplary and as some will have come to realise here we all have to really work hard and show this knowledge in ALL aspects..basics..stances..punches..kata.. yakusoku kumite and terminology etc..if success in a grading is to be reached!

I Am so proud of you all!

Junior Gradings 11.06.2019.

The Seniors showed how they progressed over the years and showcased what they have learned in their journey of karate. Some are in prep for their upcoming attempt for Black belt.

Senior Gradings 13.06.2019.

Enjoy the holidays and keep training, next term is a big one with the Shorin-ryu Nationals coming up as well as a karate league. – Safe travelling

Domo arigato gozaimashita

Sensei JP van Heerden

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