Classes Start for 2023

A warm welcome back to all students!

Classes will start again on 23 January with the normal class schedule as follows:

  1. Paarl – Manyano Centre, 16 Sanddrift St, Lemoenkloof

Tuesdays & Thursdays

17h30 – 18h15 : Junior Class

18h15 – 19h00 :Senior Class

2. Wellington – Hugo Rust Primary School Hall

Mondays & Wednesdays

17h30 – 18h15 : Junior Class

18h15 – 19h00 :Senior Class

Have You Seen Our New Venue???

Good day, Boland Dragons parents,

And just like that, the first month of January is long gone.

For those who might have missed it, we found a new venue for the Wellington Dojo, it’s a beautiful venue just outside of Wellington with a stunning view of the mountains.

In Paarl, classes are going well and the number of students growing every training session. Last week we had a trial week to see at which dojo everyone is and the total of students at each dojo.

Follow the number of students who attended last week, we changed the class schedule…

Class Schedule:


Monday & Wednesday

Juniors – 17h30 to 18h15

Seniors – 18h15 to 19h00


Tuesday & Thursday

Juniors – 17h15 to 18h00

Seniors – 18h00 to 18h45 (only from 8 Feb, this week everyone still in the same class)

We’re still figuring the class schedules out as schools have not opened yet, so it might change in the future, please keep your eye on our newsletter and WhatsApp groups for when anything changes.

Regarding our Youtube channel, we would like to continue as we received plenty of good feedback, new videos and tutorials will be coming soon. Please support the channel by subscribing to the channel. 

If there’s any uncertainty please feel free to contact me. Just a reminder to please send me the entry forms for all students.

Welcome to 2021

Good day, Boland Dragons parents,  

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year with safe travels.   2021 will once again be a full year with events if the covid-19 situation permits us. A full year calendar will be sent out soon, please keep an eye out for it as it will be sent via email.  

The karate dojo will open on 14 January 2021 in Paarl, normal training hours will continue as follows:

17h15 – 18h00: Beginner Class (White to Orange)
18h00 – 18h45: Intermediate Class (Green to Purple)
18h45 – 19h30: Senior Class (Brown to Black)  

But what about the Wellington Dojo???

We do not know what the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) rules are about extramural sports at this stage, we will inform all students as soon as we hear from Hugo Rust Primary as they will get all the rules from the WCED.  

Class Fees for 2021

With last year’s pandemic situation and the economy taking a big knock we have decided that class fees will only increase by 6%.

R 280 p/student p/month
R 295 p/student yearly affiliation fee
Our family discount will still continue, for more info about this please contact Sensei Jp.  

Please see below the entry form for 2021, all students need to complete this and hand it in or send it back via email.  

As seen on our promo photo above, the first 20 new visitors will get a free week of karate classes, please share with family and friends. (valid till end of February)   

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Lockdown Rules

People Wearing Face Masks to Protect Against Covid-19 3D Render

Good day Boland Dragons parents,

As we go into lockdown level 4 tomorrow, 1 May, the big question lies with if the schools will open and when it will open.

From Boland Dragons Karate we wait anxiously to hear when we will be able to open our doors for normal classes again. As I fear and foresee, karate classes will only open at level 1 or maybe (hopefully) at level 2. All the resources I have read up and listened to indicate this. 

With that said, I would like some feedback from the parents on the following measure Boland Dragons Karate Club would like to implement to ensure a “quick as possible” start for when we get the green light to open our doors again

1. Outdoor training – we would like to propose outdoor training when possible (working with the weather) to ensure 1.5m distance between all students.

2. Face mask for all students will be mandatory (we’re looking into purchasing branded Face masks for when classes open, please complete the survey below so that we can see if we should start with this)

3. Hand sanitizers will be at all classes

4. No touching – yes, that means fighting (kumite) will be limited as we would like to control the distance between all students

With this said, this is only possible when we get the green light from the schools and gym where our dojo’s are. If parents feel that they do not want to send the students to the classes in fear of possible contamination I completely understand.

I received plenty of good feedback about the Youtube channel and this will be one of my priorities to ensure there’s constantly new content uploaded for students who can not join the classes.

Kind Regards

Covid-19, an important message to all parents and students.

Good day Boland Dragons parents,

We might be in the most difficult and unforeseen situation we will ever be in.
I hope most of our students and parents are well and still staying positive at this point, it’s all we can do.

Most businesses and enterprises are starting to experience major financial strain and everyone, especially the consumers are starting to feel the strain as we will be going into April and May.

As dojo owner of Boland Dragons Karate, I would like to make the following months a bit easier for all parents and students and relieve some of the financial pressure we are all experiencing.

I took the initiative to implement a Payment Holiday period for students and parents. This application will ensure that for a period of up to two months, fees will be suspended. I hope this will bring some financial relief to our parents and students.

I know that the students and parents are the heart of Boland Dragons Karate and would like to provide some assistance during this difficult time by taking this burden off your shoulders.

The health and well-being of all the students and parents is my primary concern.

The Payment Holiday will work as follows:

1.                   You will not have to pay any fees for up to two months.

2.                   The students can still train and will have access to all resources as usual

3.                   The subscription fees will become payable before or at the final payment for the year which is the end of November 2020.

4.                   Please complete the application form and send to Sensei JP at as soon as possible

(Please find the attached application form)

Kind regards


Good day everyone,

By now you are all aware of the virus that is causing havoc around the world and has also started in our Country. With this being said all classes are suspended until further notice, we’ll go on with our classes through an online tutorial platform.

Please download the relevant form for you, I would love to receive a weekly or every second-week feedback from the parents via these curriculum forms so that we can ensure all students are on par.

You’ll see the exercise/basic/kata is listed with how many times the student needs to go through it. The parents can use their discretion and fill in a point out of 10 how the students performed the exercise/basic/kata. By doing these I’ll also know how the student is doing and where to focus on.

If there are any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Kind Regards

Sensei JP van Heerden

Boland Dragons Dojo-Head

New Karate Dojo

Welcome to the New Val de Vie Dojo

This is one special dojo with a world-class facility. We take pride in the clean-cut wooden floors and mirror all around the hall which gives our students for the best karate class ever.