Sensei’s Corner

I started karate in 2000 and since then loved the lifestyle and sport.

I started in Port Elizabeth at Koyshi Cluade Johnson’s dojo , Shorin-ryu Shorinkan head of South Africa. I trained there for many years until I moved to Paarl in 2010. I trained in the style of Shotokan and achieved a 1st Dan, after that I trained in the style of Hayhashi-ha (Shitoru) and also achieved my 1st Dan.

I believe in showing my students what they can become by still competing and leading the way not only by example but through action too.

Throughout the years I competed in Provincial, South African and International championships and achieved the following:

1. 2009 – Eastern Cape colors

2. 2010 – Boland team

3. 2010 – 4th place in South Africa : Junior kata

4. 2011 – Boland team

5. 2011 – 4th place in South Africa: Junior kata

6. 2011 – 1st place on South African Championship: Unison

7. 2012 – 2nd place South African Championship: Unison

8. 2012 – Western Cape colors in Referee 

9. 2016 – 2nd in Kata at the Arnold Classic international SA Games

10. 2016 – 2nd in Kumite at the World Martial Arts Games

               2nd in Kobudo at the World Martial Arts Games

11.2017- 1st place at the SARMAF South African Championship, Kata, Kumite and


Karate is my life and being a dojo owner has been one of my dreams and I am currently living it. The passion for my styles and club will only grow stronger through the years to come.

Training hard and perfecting every movement and stance is my mindset and one of my goals for my dojo.

The true character of a karateka does not lie in the color of the belt he is wearing but in the years he/she has spent in perfecting the art…

Sensei JP van Heerden

4th Dan

2nd Dan Kobudo