Results of the 25th Shorin-ryu Shorinkan National Championsip

NAMESURNAMEGENDER yyyy-mm-ddAGEGradeKATAKUMITEUNISON WoodenBladedKobudo  GradeClubProv
MIANEEKSTEENF2011-09-218WHITE33    NABoland DragonsWC-Boland
HANNAHBESSELAARF2008-08-1811Orange3x    NABoland DragonsWC-Boland
ILZEKILIANF1980-07-3039BROWN23  2 OrangeBoland DragonsWC-Boland
AnitaBREEDF1969-12-2349Bluexx  2 YellowBoland DragonsWC-Boland
JEANDREGOOSENM2012-03-057Greenx2    NABoland DragonsWC-Boland
SEANCONRADIEM2010-11-088YELLOW21    NABoland DragonsWC-Boland
SEBASTIAN SONNEKUSM2010-10-138PURPLE33    NABoland DragonsWC-Boland
SAMUELSUZUKI-BOTHAM2010-12-118PURPLE12  3 GreenBoland DragonsWC-Boland
LUKABREEDM2009-11-189Blue3x  1 YELLOWBoland DragonsWC-Boland
MAURICEVAN DER MERWEM2009-02-2010PURPLEx2    NABoland DragonsWC-Boland
NOAHWILSONM2008-06-2411Orange11    NABoland DragonsWC-Boland
LUKASUZUKI-BOTHAM2007-09-2712BROWN12  13PurpleBoland DragonsWC-Boland
MichaelBRANDM2004-12-0714BROWNxx  1 GreenBoland DragonsWC-Boland
JOSUAKILIANM2004-09-1515BROWNxx  3 GreenBoland DragonsWC-Boland
JPvan HeerdenM1995-03-0324BLACK11  11BlackBoland DragonsWC-Boland
CHRISBOTHAM1977-08-2442Green11  3 YellowBoland DragonsWC-Boland

Term Three End

We ended the term with our second karate league of the year.

Well done to each and every student who competed, you all did exceptionally well. A special word of thanks to our medal sponsor Imperial Logistics and thank you to all the other karate dojo’s who supported us.

Those who will be attending the Shorin-ryu Shorinkan Nationals in a weeks time, good luck and leave everything on the floor. Those who will be going on holiday, safe travel and keep training.

Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu

Mid-Year Gradings

Excellent gradings in Karate this week!

The discipline, focus and knowledge displayed but each and everyone was exemplary and as some will have come to realise here we all have to really work hard and show this knowledge in ALL aspects..basics..stances..punches..kata.. yakusoku kumite and terminology etc..if success in a grading is to be reached!

I Am so proud of you all!

Junior Gradings 11.06.2019.

The Seniors showed how they progressed over the years and showcased what they have learned in their journey of karate. Some are in prep for their upcoming attempt for Black belt.

Senior Gradings 13.06.2019.

Enjoy the holidays and keep training, next term is a big one with the Shorin-ryu Nationals coming up as well as a karate league. – Safe travelling

Domo arigato gozaimashita

Sensei JP van Heerden

New Students

I would like to welcome everyone back to the karate classes, we had our first training sessions in Paarl and Wellington. A special welcome to the 7 new students and we’re welcoming a few more this week as the classes proceed.

New Year – 2019!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and rested well. Classes will start again from the 14th of January 2019, class times and days still remains the same as per usual.