Good day everyone,

By now you are all aware of the virus that is causing havoc around the world and has also started in our Country. With this being said all classes are suspended until further notice, we’ll go on with our classes through an online tutorial platform.

Please download the relevant form for you, I would love to receive a weekly or every second-week feedback from the parents via these curriculum forms so that we can ensure all students are on par.

You’ll see the exercise/basic/kata is listed with how many times the student needs to go through it. The parents can use their discretion and fill in a point out of 10 how the students performed the exercise/basic/kata. By doing these I’ll also know how the student is doing and where to focus on.

If there are any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Kind Regards

Sensei JP van Heerden

Boland Dragons Dojo-Head

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